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Susan E Clark Family Lawyer

With over 30 years representing clients in dissolution matters, I know that a divorce, especially when it involves custody litigation, is one of the most traumatic events individuals will ever have to experience. My philosophy is to educate my clients about the entangled legal processes that have taken control of their lives. At the same time, I endeavor to help my clients cope with the disruptive personal and family changes they must face.

I have learned that when my clients understand the nature of the legal process and the underlying policies and goals of our constantly changing California divorce laws, they are better prepared for the judicial decisions that alter their lives and the lives of their children, as well as their financial future.

The dissolution process is not mysterious, nor is it capricious. In most cases the final outcome can be fairly anticipated in the early stages of the proceedings. Knowing what to expect comes from experience and knowledge.  I would be glad to consult with you during these difficult times.  I am confident you will find my assistance valuable.

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