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Sometimes estates have to be adjudicated through the Court system.  This is called “probate” and is necessary when a person did not properly plan to avoid probate.  It can even occur where estate plans have been created.  Such situations may involve disputes as to the interpretation of Wills and Trust instruments, which may not have been professionally prepared, or where there are heirship disputes, or where capacity and/or undue influence is an issue.  These probate matters are called “contests”.

In these situations, the Court must intervene to resolve the disputes.  Often such Court proceedings are complex and protracted, as well as costly.  Sometimes expert witnesses are needed to settle the issue of capacity and/or undue influence.  Such litigation requires experience and knowledge and substantial preparation.  Competent lawyers in the field of probate litigation are difficult to find.  I have had years of experience as a Probate Attorney and I am willing to consult with you about your case. I believe you will find my assistance very valuable.

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